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Baseball Radar Gun - stats accurate to +/- 0.5 MPH

4.0 ( 3280 ratings )
Forfatter: LW Brands, LLC
1.99 USD

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable Radar Gun, accurate to +/- 0.5 MPH.

I wish I had this app growing up. Radar guns were way too expensive and pitching coaches rarely encouraged "throwing hard" over "accuracy". Well, now we have iPhones and iPads capable of filming slo-mo, 240 FPS video... and we have them readily available at every game.

I made this app to give every ballplayer and parent the opportunity to not only measure pitch speed, but also to analyze pitching mechanics with a very simple tool.


Portable Radar Gun
- Load videos from your Camera Roll
- Capture the release point and plate crossing video frames
- Speed calculation is based on time and distance traveled
- Stats accurate to +/- 0.5 MPH (slow-motion video)
- Perfect for all age groups
- Optimized for both iPhone and iPad

Video Analysis
- Frame-by-frame analysis of pitching mechanics

This app does NOT rely on your reflex time to calculate pitch speed, like many stop watch radar gun apps. Instead, you will use the iPhones powerful camera technology (preferably 240 FPS slo-mo video) to accurately capture the pitchers release point and plate crossing, resulting in extremely repeatable pitch speed calculations.

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