Baseball Radar Gun - stats accurate to +/- 0.5 MPH App Reviews

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Great app, but need steady hands

This app works really well except that when a video is a bit longer in length, the scrubber on the timeline is very sensitive to the point where lifting up your finger will accidentally advance or rewind the video a few frames or more, which results in a significantly different speed calc, especially at shorter distance settings. Perhaps a way to further “zoom in” on the timeline to have the frame separation spaced further apart would be a worthwhile effort. Great coaching tool though; helps dial in what is effective for mechanical changes and their affect on velocity.

This is a stopwatch.

I did not like the app at all. It is exactly the same as the pitch counter apps. You press start when the ball is released and stop when it crosses the plate.

Good but

I would give 5 star but I wish I could adjust the mound distance manually.


I love this app!! I can finally see what I can do to fix my mistakes by the frame by frame , and also if my rotation and break is good on the ball. I also used it with my batting to fix any errors I had . It really works to fix any mistakes you have in baseball , thank you !!

Best app I found

Pretty easy to use and I like having the whole video to look at.

Great app

Easy to use, I like the analysis tool when I film my son, I can show him afterwards. Pitch speeds are accurate and can try very quickly pitch-to-pitch

Very Good App but...

I would gladly give this app 5 stars however there aren't enough pitching distance options. It is missing the pitching distances (43ft, 40ft, 35ft) for Girls Fastpitch or at least a custom pitching distance option. I like this app better than the ones where you have to tap at release and tap again when the pitch is caught because I feel those apps leave too much room for error.


This app was terrible

Awesome App!

Great app and easy to use. Since it works from a video it is more accurate than the ones you try to start and end while the pitcher is pitching. Great customer service too. Got back to me very quick with my question.

Awesome app

Great app to have around all the time, very accurate app! I recommend highly after figuring out how easy it is to use!

Great App !

Absolutely love this app ! Very easy to use and very accurate ! We have used expensive radar guns to track pitch speed and got the same reading using this app. I love the fact that it uses videos from my phone and with the frame by frame, it's very easy to pinpoint the release point and when the ball crosses the plate. Thank you for a great app !

Great App!!

I'll start by saying, I don't know this developer. But I like the concept of this app. Others make you set your phone on the ground while it calculates speed. Yea, not a fan of that when you have a bunch of 9 yr olds running around the field. Two Thumbs up!!

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